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A very italian Loire Valley city

Stroll along the lanes and banks of the river, stop and take in the atmosphere of this little city with a prestigious heritage. There is always something happening in Amboise all year round, with flea markets, beautiful boutiques and tea houses all clustered in the historical centre of the city.

Château Royal d’Amboise: The panoramic view of the Loire Valley from the imposing gothic balconies is unrivalled: no wonder the Kings of France elected the Château as the premier residence of the French Renaissance!

Léonardo Da Vinci Park: A guest of François Ier in 1516, the illustrious inventor and architect settled at Clos Lucé. Plans, writings and reproductions of these fabulous machines are on display each spring in his residence surrounded by a Renaissance park.

The Chanteloup Pagoda, a Chinese-inspired creation, was built by the Duke of Choiseul in 1775. This unique monument is an ideal place to relax and enjoy traditional wooden toy games.

Miniature Châteaux Park: 44 Loire Valley Châteaux over 2 hectares of parkland, reproduced with extraordinary precision. Step into Gulliver’s shoes.

Sound And Light Show "Life at the Court of Roy François" at the Château d’Amboise - July and August.

Traditional Wines Fairs - From Easter to 15 August.

International Brass Band Festival - June.

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